Abranet HD achieves outstanding results on the most challenging surface conditioning and repair applications such as paint stripping and coarse putty sanding. Abranet HD has a nylon mesh backing material (in contrast to paper) to create a more flexible and durable abrasive product which produces a more consistent surface finish more quickly. Designed for optimum performance in wet and dry modes, it features exceptional resistance to edge wear and clogging which means it retains its high efficiency sanding properties for far longer, especially in demanding situations. It’s also manufactured using an environmentally friendly, solvent-free coating.

Suitable Materials

Hard wood
Mild steel / carbon steel
Non-ferrous metal
Paint stripping / removal
Body filler
Glass fibre

Suited For
Automotive Refinishing YES
Construction & Decoration YES
Wood Processing YES
Metal Processing YES
Composites Processing YES
Do It Yourself YES
Marine Industry YES
Vehicles Manufacturing YES
Abrasives Technical
Grain Special aluminium oxide
Color Brownish
Backing PA net
Bonding Resin over resin
Grit range P40, P60, P80, P120-P180
Coating Semi-open


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